Jeb Bush Tweets Photo Of Gun Captioned 'America,' Internet Mercilessly Mocks Him For It

In the race to be the GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush decided he would tweet what he thought was a sign of his undying patriotism and dedication to all things Murica.

After all, in this day and age using social media to reach the 'people' in the hope of sharing your opinions about what is important to you and your political manifesto to get those all-important votes is a good thing, right?

That meant tweeting a picture of a gun, a FNX-45 pistol with "Gov. Jeb Bush" engraved on it which he was given after visiting a gun manufacturers in Columbia, S.C. It was tweeted with the single word caption "America."

Can you feel your bosom swell with zealous pride? Or maybe, like most of the people on Twitter, you're just baffled by it. Not only were they baffled but, as is the way with these things, they saw it as an opportunity to mock the governor of Florida with the full force of Twitter memes.

And so, in the great tradition of Twitter roastings, Jeb Bush's tweet was followed by an onslaught of ridicule and derision. It was also pointed out that in the photo the safety was off, so lots of people made suicide jokes too.

It was nothing short of hilarious, as long as you weren't Jeb Bush.

Here's the original tweet.

And here's Twitter doing what it does best.

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