Jimmy Kimmel Gets NBA Players To Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Yelling abuse at sports people is a fan's prerogative—or at least they think it is, but in these days of social media you don't have to actually be at the game to hurl some insults, you can do it on Twitter with just an @ symbol and a keyboard.

This is the second edition of Kimmel's NBA version of his Mean Tweets series, where celebrities read out offensive tweets people have sent them. And while only a dumb troll would send this kind of abuse, it sure is funny to hear NBA stars reading them out.

It does make you wonder though, why is it people think a public forum like Twitter is OK to say things like "Can't lie, Amar'e Stoudemire looks homeless", but wouldn't say it to a stranger in the street?

Anyway, these are hilarious but Jimmy really needs to get a World Cup edition together.

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