This Year in Unnecessary Censorship - A Hilarious Review By Jimmy Kimmel Of 12 Months Of Bleeping

At the end of each week on Jimmy Kimmel's show he likes to collate the big TV events that have happened in the news and elsewhere, and add in totally unnecessary bleeps and pixelated blurs.

The result is undeniably childish but it's also undeniably hilarious too. A well placed bleep and blur can turn a completely innocuous and innocent statement or action into something entirely different.

Just by taking out a word at the right time, or placing some pixels at the right place on your screen leaves your filthy imagination to fill in the rest—and as such you can give way to your baser and more immature self, and laugh it up.

As is the way when a year draws to a close, Kimmel has collated some of the best unnecessary censorship from 2015 and placed it all together in one handy video.

So sit back and watch Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and many more appear to use some foul *bleeep* language. Bleep yeah!


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