And This Ladies & Gentlemen is NOT The Way To Overtake A Truck On A Single Lane Highway

Lets face it, going outside is dangerous, getting into a motor vehicle is even more of a risk, trying to overtake a big truck on a single lane highway is crazy, and doing this if you live in Russia is total insanity, because everyone knows that if you live there and have a dashcam in your car then it's a total certainty that you will crash - And the results beamed directly to YouTube.

Joking aside, this accident came very close to being fatal, and in a strangely morbid way, as the video plays out, you find yourself transfixed by the approaching truck and hypnotized by the woman's scream as the scene plays out and it reminds you of something from Final Destination.

Except this is reality and people's lives. Real people, not actors in a Hollywood movie. And that dear reader is the scary thing, our fading inability to distinguish between the two.

That said, it's a great vid....


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