'I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING'—Dog Drives Truck Over A Car And Crashes Into Tree

There are drivers that are careless, there are drivers who are reckless and then there's this dog, who appeared to cause havoc with a semi-truck at the Kwik Trip along Highway 169 in Mankato, MN. A passerby David Stegora tweeted that he saw the labrador drive the truck over a parked car and into a tree.

"Mankato police confirmed an idling semi-truck was apparently put in gear before 2 p.m. Friday, where it traveled through the Wilson Trailer Sales parking lot, across the street, and over a curb." a local news report by the Mankato Free Press said.

Stegora saw the chaos and ran over to the truck to hop in and stop it and that's when he saw the dog. No one else was in the truck, just the dog, probably looking confused and slightly sheepish.

As to the exact circumstances of what happened, it still remains a mystery. All that's known is the driver had left the vehicle unoccupied in a nearby parking lot. There's no indication that as he left the truck he threw the dog the keys and said, "Take it for a spin."

The State Patrol have taken an accident report and the truck has now been taken off the road while matters are investigated.

One thing is abundantly clear from all this though, that dog had no f*cking idea what it was doing.

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