Here's A Warning About Why You Should Never Get Road Rage In South Korea. Ever.

Sometimes on the internet you stumble across some very unusual 'wtf' moments that make you question the whole being of reality, this is one of those moments. What starts out as a fairly ordinary road rage incident, filmed on a dash-cam, suddenly takes a turn for the surreal. Very surreal.

There's a message we can all take away from this video. In fact, there are probably numerous messages we can take away from this video, but perhaps the most pertinent should be never leave your car wielding a metal bar and expect to come away on top.

That's what this driver does, which is a pretty stupid thing to do anyway. But he gets his comeuppance when the doors of the car he's about to confront suddenly open and not only do nine guys get out. But a half-naked contortionist hops out of the boot of the car with his leg wrapped around his neck.

It's bizarre and inexplicable but conveys a worthwhile message to motorists everywhere: Never leave your vehicle, or half-naked contortionists will come for you.


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