Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time, Compare It To Warm Play Doh And Old Hot Dogs

Lesbians don't make a habit of going around touching guys' penises, in fact quite the opposite. Many lesbians will have never touched a penis before their whole lives. Much like these women who, until this fateful day, hadn't laid one finger on a man's trouser snake.

In a video by lesbian singing duo BriaAndChrissy three lesbians touch a guy's schlong for the first time, and the results are pretty damn funny. At least, the lesbians seem to find the whole thing very amusing.

The guy who has bravely stepped up to let women laugh at his manhood is a gay man called Aleks Malczewski. After confessing they're feeling nervous the women reveal what they think it will feel like, "I think it's gonna feel like when you go to the vet and your cat had to get an injection so they'll shave the fur off the cat and then it's like loose skin. Or like a bag of raisins," says one. "I think it'll feel like a snake." says someone else.

Then, the moment of truth. They seem to be both intrigued and a little freaked out at coming into such close contact with a penis—and they liken it to everything from warmed up Play Doh to a noodle to hot dogs that have gone a little hard.

The video follows on from BriaAndChrissy's previous one where gay men touch boobs for the first time. You can check out their reactions below.

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