Lil Dicky's Hilarious New Music Video Details The Strange Ritual Of The Classic Male Pregame

Rapper comedian Lil Dicky takes on the bro ritual of pregaming in this, his latest music video. It sees him hanging with the boys before they go out for a night (or maybe not) and has him necking shots, smoking joints, necking more shots, smoking more joints and then never really leaving the house.

Before you know it he's seven shots down, texting his ex and puking in the shower. Standard pregame scenario then. And all this pregaming is punctuated occasionally with a chorus of fat men in white leotards dancing around.

If you've had a night in with the guys, you'll recognize these scenes instantly. It's part homage to these types of evenings and part lamentation on how crap and repetitive they can be.

As one YouTube commenter writes, "Lil Dicky is so aware of the current cliches in the current rap scene that he's able to satirize it with his songs and become the voice of the common bro. Making fun of himself and the industry at the same time. Also his beats go hard as f#ck.... cant wait for the new album."

A quick check on Lil Dicky's website doesn't reveal when that new album is gonna happen, but it does have some rather fine Soundcloud recordings of everything else he's done. Enjoy.


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