Mom And Dads Party Hard And Brawl In Hilarious Music Video For Dillon Francis' 'Need You'

One of the last places you expect to see producer and DJ Dillon Francis dropping a set is at some middle class, middle-aged mom and dad's back yard party. But that's the setting for this very funny music video for Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE's song "Need You."

DJ Dillon turns up to play the gig totally hungover from the night before, but that doesn't stop him from playing it loud with some banging electro house to get the party started.

And even though it's not the sort of neighborhood block party where you expect the crowd to go hard or go home, these suburbanites delve head first into debauched hedonism.

Before you know it the alcohol is flowing with wild abandon, inhibitions are gone, mom's grinding with the DJ, and a huge baseball-wielding brawl breaks out.

Which ultimately results in the host being left in tears, while everyone else parties, and fights, onwards with wanton abandon. It's a typical booze-fueled inevitability of hilarious proportions.

To add to the fun and coincide with the video and continue the gag of Dillon being a bookable DJ for "birthdays, weddings, Quinceaneras, corporate event, block parties, and youth retreats." director of the music video Jack Wagner and Dillon even put up mock billboards in LA advertising DJ Dillon's services. See below.

me and @dillonfrancis actually have these billboards going up all over LA on monday. There are at least 5 spelling errors on the billboard and you have now hard i laughed while sending the files into the company putting them up. They will also be on those light post signs and some other stuff u will see eventually. @maddecent thank you im actually surprised you let us do this.

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