Listen To The Brand New YouTube-Sourced Album 'Thru You Too' From Mashup Artist Kutiman

YouTube mashup musician Kutiman has just launched the follow up to his insanely popular ThruYOU project. Which saw the artist create music tracks from footage of musicians he found on YouTube.

The sequel is called ThruYOU Too and it is as extraordinary as the first. Kutiman has been teasing it over the last few weeks releasing two singles, but now we get to hear the project in its entirety.

The album consists of six tracks, each one featuring a different vocalist. Here's what Kutiman says about it:

ThruYOU Too is a music album made out of unrelated YouTube videos mixed together. No additional sounds were recorded and none of the players knew they are participating. This is the follow up to my ThruYou project which was released in 2009.

I would like to thank all the musicians who are part of this project and to all of you out there for sharing your knowledge and talent on the internet.

You can listen to the artist's introduction to the album (done in his own mashup style) above. And below are the six individual tracks.

1. "This Is How I Feel"

2. "Now Is The Time"

3. "No One In This World"

4. "Give It Up"

5. "Change"

6. "My Vendetta"

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