Listen To Obama Sing Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Thanks To The Magic Of Editing

The POTUS shows that when it comes to the latest rap tracks he's totally on point. Because here he is singing Drake's "Hotline Bling," even doing Drake's terrible dancing, but doing it much better because he's the president.

He's able to do this thanks to the power of editing and YouTube channel baracksdubs, who has carefully and cleverly edited together various footage of Obama to make it look like he's laying down the lyrics to Drake's latest.

As stated, Drizzy's meme'd dancing from the video gets another brilliant addition too, with Obama's head superimposed onto Drake's body as the prez pulls the perfect expressions.

It's quite something.

All in all it's a stand out performance from the ruler of the free world—it's all the more impressive considering it was all done without his knowledge or consent.

It begs the question: could there be a Drake/Obama duet on the horizon? It needs to happen.


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