'FAN-O-RAMA' The Live Action Fan Made Futurama Movie Is Very Accurate And Very Freaky-Looking

Whether the world needed it or not (of course we need it), a group of dedicated fans have been working away on a live-action version of Matt Groening's TV cartoon show Futurama. They had kept it all pretty secret it seems until last week when they released the first trailer and the internet went crazy for it.

A major reason why it captured people's attention was how damn freaky characters like Zoidberg, Leela, and Professor Farnsworth looks recreated in live-action. It's true nightmare fuel of the highest grade.

But, the attention to detail is so great and the world of the show so accurately realised—perhaps too accurately—you can't help but root for the film, which was begun in 2014 by Dan Lanigan and his company Cinema Relics It's a fine tribute to Futurama which to an end after 15 years in September 2013.

According to the film's website production has been beset by many challenges including livestock ordinances, talent deficit, food poisoning, regular poisoning, dehydration, child labor laws, and parents who don’t keep their mouths shut. Standard stuff.

IMDB has the film's status as in post-production and a release of August 2016, so we'll just have to wait and see if that comes true. Plot-wise the trailer explains: "Three stalwart heroes and their single-minded mission for the sweet elixir of life: beer." Not much to go on there, meaning plenty of room for it to go absolutely anywhere.

If you're looking for an explanation as to why people would go to the trouble of spending hours of their time making a live-action version. And for no other reason (not monetary anyway) than their sheer love of the show, watch the video below.

In it video essayist Kaptain Kristian looks at the show's genius for bringing humor and emotion to the complex subjects of science and math.

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