The Honest Trailer For Interstellar Is A Brutal Take Down Of Nolan's Sci-fi Epic

Interstellar left a lot of people in doubt as to whether it was a masterpiece of cinema, or something that you paid a lot of money to go to see and all you came away with was a headache.

After watching this video you're left in no doubt as to the Honest Trailer guys' opinions on Christopher Nolan's space epic, which if nothing else was divisive.

So if you saw the movie and came away feeling anger and confusion and generally full of hate, this video distills all your complaints into a handy five minutes so you can easily send this to your friends who liked it and say, "See! THIS is what I was talking about!"

Conversely, if you liked the movie (and for the record, I loved it) then you might disagree somewhat with their views—although they do compliment the film's visuals—especially the line that Nolan's gone "full blown Shyamalan." Which is surely the harshest insult you could throw at a director.

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