Longboarder Daniel Holdsworth Skates Pentiction BC's Steepest Terrain In A soaking Downpour

Longboarding downhill at speed always takes guts, some serious skate skills and more than just a bit of luck, but doing so in a downpour with the rain making the ground extra slippery and your vision extra challenged, that takes madness. And some damn fine longboarding skills. But mostly madness.

Twenty two year old Longboarder Daniel Holdsworth no doubt has a bit of both as he hurtles down the steep terrain of Pentiction, British Columbia at some truly terrifying speeds.

Watch in awe as he glides along, pulling some tricks, skidding around corners, with the spray flying off his wheels, battling not just the hill's incline but the elements too.

According to this interview with Skate Slate Holdsworth moved to Penticton back in 2012 (he's originally from Ontario) so he could dedicate his time to skating downhill.

And he must have dedicated an awful lot of time to it, because watching him flying down these hillsides, it's astonishing he manages to keep his balance at all. And his nerve.

Skate Slate observe, "Daniel has to be one of the most genuine riders we’ve met. His soul is full of love for sure, but it doesn’t stop him from the burning dire to bomb hills and shred thane."

As the saying goes, "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." Still others just longboard in it.


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