Kid Makes The Most Of His Moment By Going Absolutely Nuts At A Baseball Game

Once you watch this Vine, that's it, you can't stop watching it. It features a kid at a baseball game who suddenly notices the camera's on him and starts flipping out. Lifting his top, sticking out his tongue and thrusting his pelvis in a manic and rather frightening way.

It was uploaded to Vine by user Rayven Tirado a few days ago with the text "Made the most of his moment. Never change Miami. #goodlucktoyourmother" Yeah, never change you little maniac.

Once it hit the web people couldn't get enough of it. And couldn't get enough of his freaky appearance either.

Reddit were particularly unkind.


Anyway, enjoy the Vine. One day too you might be as happy as this kid was for those brief few moments.

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