British PM Allegedly Put 'Private Parts' In Dead Pig's Mouth, Internet Goes Wild With Jokes #PigGate

British prime minister David Cameron has become the butt of many, many jokes after a newspaper revealed an alleged sordid secret. It's claimed in an upcoming unofficial biography that when Cameron was a student at Oxford University, he once stuck a "private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth as part of a hazing ritual.

The unconfirmed claim is made in Call Me Dave, co-written by former Conservative party peer Lord Ashcroft and journalist Isabel Oakeshott, by an anonymous source. The book also claims there's photographic evidence. The entire episode is made all the more hilarious because Charlie Brooker, a British writer and satirist, once wrote a similar act happening to a fictional UK prime minster—who was based on Cameron—in the first episode of his dystopian sci-fi show Black Mirror.

In the episode (see an excerpt of it in the video above) the prime minster is forced to have sex with a pig, while the entire nation watches live, after a princess is kidnapped and the kidnapper names it as his demand to release the princess. In the episode it turns out the kidnapper is an artist trying to make a point.

Brooker took to twitter to express his disbelief that something he completely made up has such a striking similarity to possible actual events.

Although the claim, one of many controversial ones in the book which also include drug taking, has been denied by friends of the prime minister, it didn't stop twitter having an absolute field day with the whole idea.

David Hameron was said quite a bit. As were lots of other pork-based puns. The hashtag #piggate took off. It was all very hilarious.

I wonder who squealed? There may be truffles ahead?

Well played Twitter, well played.

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