Drunk Couple Get Married - Bride Makes Groom Levitate In This Magical First Wedding Dance

Couple Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins have already captured the internet's attention with their extremely entertaining "Drunk History" detailing how they first met. Next came the actual wedding, which included a spectacular first wedding dance with Jillian managing to levitate Justin, as you do.

It helps that Justin's a professional magician, so it wasn't completely out of character, but it still made an impression on the guests. Especially the groom's dad, who loses it completely when he sees his son seemingly float in mid-air.

The pair are seen dancing to "I Put a Spell On You" with some standard-ish dancing before their grande finale. "We practiced for about a week and a half," Justin explained to The Huffington Post. "Every other day for an hour or two. Neither of us has ever really danced before. My lack of experience is quite evident, Jill was able to fake it well."

As for the climax. "The big move at the end was accomplished with a combination of magic and a few thousand sit-ups. We’ll leave it at that." And maybe some invisible, yet very strong, thread.

Here's Justin's dad's epic reaction.


And here's what it looked like from the side.


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