The Marijuana Breathalyzer Is Coming To Ruin The Lives Of Pot Smokers Everywhere

Get this. There was a National Marijuana Business Conference and Expo which took place in Vegas at the end of last year. It featured all kinds of workshops like the "Marijuana Business Crash Course" (one for the dealers) and lots of other stuff for people in the "cannabusiness"—but it also unleashed onto the world the Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer.

This major downer, man, was writ upon the world by Cannabix Technologies Inc., so thanks for that, guys. Thanks.

They describe it as for use by "law enforcement and the workplace" and it works "based on breath testing technology that has been developed to test individuals for recent consumption of the THC component of marijuana."

For the moment the device is just a prototype but you know it won't be long before cops and your employer are being major squares by using it to whittle out the stoned drivers and workers. Bummer, man.

But anyway, I always thought that unless you're operating heavy machinery, it was perfectly fine to get totally baked while at work?


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