Marijuana Plus Tequila Equals Good Times—How To Make The Perfect Weed Margarita

The festive period is nearly upon us and that means so is the season of getting drunk, a lot. Not that you needed an excuse. But now you can get drunk and stoned at the same time all combined together in a refreshing cocktail. Behold: the weed margarita.

And although margaritas are usually drunk in the summer, due to being supped from a frosty glass, there's nothing stopping you having it as a little aperitif before dinner. Or drinking a few with friends on New Year's Eve. It'll certainly make any following events more, well, interesting.

And everything you need to know about how to make one is in this video by Cut.com. What you need is some syrup, salt, fresh lime juice and, of course, some weed tequila. Obviously that last one isn't something everyone can buy off the shelf, so the first thing the video teaches you is how to make some.

Basically you need to infuse some decent tequila with some decent marijuana by mixing the two together and storing it for anywhere between two days or, if you have the time, about a month. Then you strain it and you have your weed tequila.

Then you mix it into a margarita, sit back and wait for the show to begin. The only fault you could find with the video is that, as the YouTube comments state, they missed an opportunity to make a stupid pun.

For instance instead of weed margarita they could have called it something much more appealing like a marijuita, margijuana, marigarita, marigarjuana, margaweedta, etc, etc.


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