Mom And Son Get High Together For The First Time, Proceed To Giggle A Lot And Eat Snacks

How would you feel about smoking weed...with you mom? While a camera films you both? For Buzzfeed? Most people would find it way too embarrassing to do something like this with a parent.

But not Scott and his mom Illie who get nice and toasted with some hits from the bong.

Illie isn't entirely new to pot, she's been taking it medicinally as a treatment for her cancer while Scott does it recreationally. And together they seem to have a blast.

Five minutes after the bong, both of them are living out the cannabis cliche dream, munching on snacks and giggling at nothing (hold on a second, just five minutes and they get the munchies).

I'm thinking they might have had a little practice run before the video started filming..

Then Illie starts throwing out wild claims like Scott invented the flip phone as a child and you just know they're totally baked. By the end of it they seem like they're going to be regular smoking buddies.

Who knows, maybe they can go to a Cypress Hill concert together next.


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