3 Retired Cops Take Some Hits From The Bong For The First Time Since Becoming Police Officers

Just because you used to be a police officer, doesn't mean you can't enjoy toking on some fine green. Which is exactly what these three ex-cops do in this video—and it's all perfectly legal because it takes place in Washington State, which has recently legalized recreational weed usage.

It's not the first time they've got stoned, but it's the first time since they were cops. The video was released yesterday to celebrate stoner holiday 4/20 and is made by Cut.com who previously filmed three grandmas getting high in a video that was equally brilliant.

After they take a rip, as well as getting the inevitable giggles and munchies, they also have some surprisingly frank discussions about possession and the illegal status of pot. But most of all they seem to have fun and keep an open mind, which makes for some uplifting viewing.

It was bound to get mixed reactions from the YouTube community as some of these comments below show:

videodesignerz - "the guys with the mustaches look like stoned walruses"

gryphonshire - "...every Heroin addict started out drinking milk." Perfect response to those who say "it's a gateway drug...."

tortozza - "As a prominent member of the law enforcement community, these idiots are an insult to everything the police and other agencies work towards. Out time is dedicated to catching the criminal networks and addicts that use these disgusting and dangerous drugs, and to see these traitors snorting the stuff is a slap in the face."

M M - "I'm disappointed... was expecting to see 3 former cops rip their flesh off.... then turn into zombies."

Uglyminesword - "It's been so long since I made love that I don't remember who ties up whom." I want to hear that man continue to spit wisdom until he runs out."



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