McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Is Finally Going To Happen, It Starts Nationwide On 6 October

Sometimes we've all felt a bit like Michael Douglas' character in Falling Down when he walks in to a fast food joint to order breakfast and he's met by a staff member who informs him he's too late. After a little back and forth, he pulls out a gun and eventually gets his breakfast.

But now Douglas wouldn't have to get so angry and OTT, because McDonald's have (finally!) announced they will be offering an all-day breakfast. Over 14,300 of their U.S. restaurants will serve breakfast every hour they're open from October 6.

And you can thank the chain's declining sales and revenue for it. Because they're hoping all-day breakfasts will turn the tide and people will be, um, scrambling to get their any-hour fill of bacon, sausage burritos, hash browns, and all the rest. So if you've slept all day because you've been up all night, you'll still be able to get yourself an Egg McMuffin at 5PM. Praise. Be.

The all-day menu has been tested in San Diego over the last few months, and now they're ready to roll it out to the rest of the country, installing new equipment so they can do just that. "We're very excited - we think this could be the next big thing." said Mike Andres, president of McDonald's US. If only you'd listened to your customers, Mike, this could've happened a long time ago.

The way they announced it was quite fun too, by responding to old tweets from people bemoaning the lack of an all-day breakfast menu. As well as flooding twitter with a host of breakfast-themed GIFs.

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