Ronald McDonald Goes On Murderous Playground Rampage In This Extremely Violent Horror Comedy

Well, that escalated quickly. A group of kids goad a fellow school kid to say Ronald McDonald's name in front of the mirror three times—Candyman style— to see what happens. And nothing does happen. Initially at least. But then, when they're out playing at a local play center Ronald shows up.

After he gets kicked in the groin by a bratty kid he loses it in a big way—and off he goes on a seriously violent rampage, slaughtering children with wild abandon in a bad taste, comedy horror short from Australian filmmaking brothers Danny and Michael Philippou (aka RackaRacka). And they really work that creepy clown angle.

As is standard with their YouTube shorts, the violence is bloody, OTT (see their previous Mortal Kombat homage to see how truly gruesome they can get), and highly disturbing. But filmed with flair and a Sam Raimi-esque eye for action editing.

It's so ultra violent you just have to laugh. Because where else do you get to see a screaming, chainsaw-wielding maniacal Ronald chasing a terrified child. Or Ronald knocking back a glass of urine. Or Ronald serving up a severed head as a birthday cake. It is most definitely not approved by McDonald's.

It's not the first time RackaRacka have featured the fast food clown either. A psychopathic Ronald is something of a recurring character for them, see below for their Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre.

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