Play The Highly Addictive 'Agario' Browser Game And Say Goodbye To Your Productivity

If you were looking for something to distract you from doing anything important today (or anything at all) look no further than browser-based game Agario.

The gameplay works like this: you start the game as a small cell and you have to eat colored pellets, and players smaller than you, to grow bigger. But, while you do this you have to avoid getting eaten by other players, some of whom must have been playing the game for hours because their cells are HUGE.

You can also split into smaller cells by pressing space bar or shoot parts of your cell at other people by pressing W. it's one of those games that is so simple and aimless to play it is by default highly addictive. So be warned.

You also get to name your cell and can create a skin for it by choosing various keywords as a username (here's a full list of those).

The game was created by someone on 4chan’s /v/ board and posted at the end of April and it now has its own subreddit—such is its popularity.

'Agario in a nutshell' (via Reddit)

It's very simple which makes it very addictive and very amusing to play. Once you start, it really is hard to stop so better cancel those meetings. Scrap that: CANCEL EVERYTHING.

Play it here.

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