Minifigs Do Battle on the Planet Hoth in this Lego Star Wars Short Film

A stormtrooper and Rebel pilot meet on the snowy, desolate landscape of planet Hoth. They fire at each other, an explosion, then their ships are left in pieces. Lego pieces.

This is a new promotional short from Lego to shout about their new sets which were announced last month, and will feature characters and vehicles from the original trilogy, the sequels, and the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video games.

It's not a recreation of the Battle of Hoth in Lego, that's already been done (see below), but instead is a "mini movie" featuring the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire duking it out in the snow, complete with comedic scenes, nods to Wile E. Coyote, and lots of good-natured SFW fun.

For the actual Battle of Hoth, you can watch this devastating loss for the Rebels at the hands of the Empire, below.

And here it is meticulously recreated in Lego by Kévin Ziolkowski.

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