Star Wars Ships Gets Photoshopped Into WW2 Military History In These Reality Bending Images

Alternate history is a trope of fiction, but imagine if Star Wars ships took part in the Second World War? That's what happen in this series of photoshopped images by Artwork of Armies, which blends reality and fiction to present a fiction, a science fictional, history.

In this timeline an AT-AT destroys a city while a women flees in terror, a Star Destroyer fires at allied war ships, X-wings flies over allied soldiers walking down a dirt road, AT-STs aide the Invasion of Normandy, and Darth Vader looms ominously in the background behind Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin.

It's not just Star Wars ships and other iconography that mingles with our own military history either. Batman and Captain America also make an appearance. And, of course, Captain America's backstory involves his creation as a supersolider during WWII. While the Empire in Star Wars was inspired by the Nazis (the Imperial Stormtroopers infamously derive their name from Hitler's specialist soldier unit).

“I love history, so while the psychological basis of Star Wars is mythological, the political and social bases are historical.” George Lucas said in a Boston Globe interview in 2005.

And talking about how the Star Wars ships dogfights are based on WW2 movies, Lucas has said elsewhere. “Every time there was a war movie on television, like The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954), I would watch it — and if there was a dogfight sequence, I would videotape it. Then we would transfer that to 16mm film, and I’d just edit it according to my story of Star Wars. It was really my way of getting a sense of the movement of the spaceships.”

But while there are no doubt connections between the fiction and the reality, these pics certainly aren't historically accurate. Not in this universe anyway. But seeing the Star Wars ships mingled with our own battles does make for intriguing juxtapositions nonetheless.

Check out the images below. And head to Artwork of Armies Facebook for more.

Star Wars Ships 01.
Star Wars Ships 02.
Star Wars Ships 03.
Star Wars Ships 04.
Star Wars Ships 05.
Star Wars Ships 06.
Star Wars Ships 07.
Star Wars Ships 07.
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