'Star Kart': Star Wars Melds With Mario Kart For Some Truly Fantastic Hyperspace Racing

Be still your geeking heart, because two fine forms of popular nerd culture have crossed over in this fan made mashup, which brings the vehicles and landscapes from the Star Wars universe into the world and graphics of Nintendo's Mario Kart video game.

You Tube channel Dark Pixel are responsible for this meticulously created piece of fun, called Star Kart.

It sees the Mario Kart clan, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, and the rest racing X-Wings and TIE fighters across the deserts of Tatooine, the snowy climes of Hoth, and finishing with the destruction of the Death Star from A New Hope, but Mario takes the place of Luke.

It's so good that, after it's all over you'll be totally seething that this isn't a real game. After all, there is so much synergy going on in both Star Wars and the Super Mario series.

In each one there is a princess (who needs rescuing) and there are a whole range of strange sidekicks that only seem to be able to communicate with odd beeps and music-like tones.

And then of course there is racing, go-karts for the Mushroom Kingdom and of course pod-racing for the Star Wars galaxy. It's begging for you to play it.

But more than just the similarities, the sight of X-wing fighters racing alongside TIE Interceptors piloted by Mario World characters in a mashed-up Mario/Star Wars world is just short of mind-blowing and makes you wonder why this hasn't become a 'thing' yet?

Why is that Disney and Nintendo? WHY!?

It needs to happen.

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