Nailing El Sendero Luminoso: Free-Soloing Alex Honnold Climbs 2,500ft In 3 Hours With No Rope

For those unfamiliar with climbing terms (like myself) free-soloing means scaling a mountain or structure without any ropes or harness or protective gear or anything that a normal, sane climber might use.

And that's what US rock climber Alex Honnold does in this video as he takes on the might of El Sendero Luminoso (The Shining Path) in El Portrero Chico, Mexico.

In just over 3 hours he takes on its daunting height of 2,500 feet in what the YouTube video calls "the most difficult rope-less climb in history."

Looking at the sheer scale of it, it is in no way a walk in the park. Unless of course El Portrero Chico is a national park, then it could be classed as a climb in the park. But anyway, I digress.

JUST LOOK AT IT! Incredible.


It's an amazing achievement, but for some reason every time i look at mountain climbing articles i can't stop thinking about that sad (oh, so sad!) scene from 'Ace Ventura When Nature Calls'.....*sniff!

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