Austrian Ski Resort Webcam Footage Shows Some Seriously Weird Photobombing Going On

When you think of ski resorts what usually comes to mind is the chance to spend long days hurtling down a mountain covered in snow, taking in the amazing scenery as you ski the slopes. Then, once you reach the bottom, running to the ski lift to get back up to the top and do it all over again.

But it seems other forms of alpine entertainment are on the menu at this ski resort. And it's weird.

Maybe these people are just desperate to be on one of those TV talent shows, or maybe they've just consumed too much of the free bar—either way they're going to elaborate and pretty weird lengths to photobomb a ski resort's webcams.

The footage comes from the Austrian ski resort of Obergurgl / Hochgurgl, who live stream from three webcams to around 4,000 hotel rooms. The idea is for people to have quick look at the cams to check on the weather conditions before heading out for a day on the slopes.

But you might as well just stay indoors and skip straight to the après-ski, because there's plenty of entertainment to be had from just watching the webcams.

People are getting up to all kinds of ridiculous stunts, from NSFW snow sculpting to mooning to all kinds of strange, surely alcohol-induced, activity.

Whatever the heck they're up to, checking the weather is the last thing you'll be doing on these webcams.


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