Jessie J Gives Possibly The Worst Live Performance Of Her Career As She Sings 'Bang Bang'

It's a fact of life, sometimes we all have a bad day, there's no avoiding it, however much it sucks, but then again most of us are not major-league pop stars like Jessie J, laying down a live recording for 'In:Demand', so it's not such a big deal for us as it probably is for her.

And boy is she having a bad day, a very, VERY bad day as she performs shockingly bad on an acoustic version of her song Bang Bang, featuring Ariana Grande and Nicky Minaj. Cover your ears people and delete everything she's ever done from your Spotify account.

Except all is not as it first seems....

Jessie J is just one of the victims of the trend for hilarious shred videos that turn music into sounds that are guaranteed to make your ears bleed. They are the brain-child of Youtuber 'TheKosmic8' who replaces the actual artists voice with some amazing lip-syncs that would put Britney Spears to shame.

The result is something that manages to be beautiful, hilarious and horrific, all at the same time. Check out his videos to see what other artists have become victim to his brilliant shredding technique.

Surprisingly Jessie J herself is a fan of The Kosmic8's work, who says she cried with laughter when she heard it.

There's no accounting for taste.

And finally, pay homage to the 'real' performance below, before it got shredded, it's actually pretty damn good.

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