My Kid Can't Eat This - Parents Post Funny Tales Of Dealing With A Fussy Eater - #MyKidCantEatThis

If you're a parent of a kid who is picky with food, then #MyKidCantEatThis is a place you'll be able to find solace. The fussy eater hashtag is essentially a place on social media, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where parents can post pictures of the types of food and meals their kids won't eat. Along with photos of these fussy eaters people also put the hilarious reasons their children won't eat the food. Mostly these might seem a bit crazy to us adults, like the blueberries were the wrong size. Or a the egg yolk wasn't yellow enough.

But for the kids it's all perfectly logical.

The whole My Kid Can't Eat This trend was initially started by a bemused mom of three called Heather, who no doubt needed somewhere to share the irrational excuses her kids would give for not eating their greens.

As any parent knows, children can be very creative about refusing to engage with food. “The reasons my kids can’t eat foods range from hilarious, infuriating to ridiculous,” Heather told The Huffington Post, continuing “They know they have to taste all foods and are all healthy, so while I’m not seriously worried, it still drives me crazy!"

Heather Creates A Platform For Food Drama Parents

Parents Post Funny Tales Of Dealing With A Fussy Eater.

But now, thanks to Heather, parents can come together online and share their many hilarious frustrations about why #MyKidCantEatThis. There are some gems too, like "#MyKidCantEatThis this because there are no spoons that speak to him today and he doesn't want to use his hands." or #MyKidCantEatThis because the flour on the bread makes her hands feel weird."

Kids, huh? What goes on in their minds is a mystery. Still, Heather has done parents the world over some good by allowing them to halve their frustrations be sharing them on #MyKidCantEatThis.

"I hope that other parents feel a little less alone when it comes to food drama.” Heather notes.

Check out some #MyKidCantEatThis fun below and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

#MyKidCantEatThis - Parents Tales Of Food Woe

#MyKidCantEatThis because they scared the crap out of her. #ParentingFail #Halloween #ScarredForLife #SpiderSammies #NoSleepTonight #CannotBeUnseen #Halp #TheirEyesLookSoulless - @eryncouzens

#MyKidCantEatThis four course breakfast because 1) "somebody licked my toast" 2) "the cereal is too bright" 3) "the yogurt tastes like Popsicles" 4) "the blueberries are too small. And too big." And 5) Because she's a toddler and her sole purpose is to make me lose the will to live. #toddlerlife #toddlerproblems #shelickedthetoast - @twokidsandababy

#MyKidCantEatThis because there are noodles in his chicken noodle soup. #Why #WhatWereYouThinking #SomeonePleaseCall911 - @jessandbabies

#MyKidCantEatThis because there's a hole in it. A hole that she put there with her thumb. #YouCantProveAnything #NewSnackPlease - @hollylonghair

#MyKidCantEatThis THERE ARE VEGETABLES IN THE RICE. I REPEAT, THERE ARE VEGETABLES IN THE RICE. #ThisIsNotADrill #Crying #Trash #TrustIssues - @mrsfliege

#MyKidCantEatThis because he loved it yesterday...why would he touch it today?

#MyKidCantEatThis because the pizza is cut in squares not triangles and square pizza is too fancy. #SquarePizzaIsForRoyalty #TrianglesAreForBrokePeople #KidLogic #ThisIsWhyMommyDrinks - @beadsbeignetsandtravel

My kid can't eat this because there are no spoons that speak to him today and he doesn't want to use his hands. #MyKidCantEatThis

#MyKidCantEatThis because "it has seeds." - @stirandscribble

#MyKidCantEatThis because "the ice cream is melting and the gummy bears are drowning." #ItsTheTitanicAllOverAgain #IllNeverLetGoJack #IllNeverLetGo - @tabbarrett

#MyKidCantEatThis peanut butter and jelly sandwich he asked for because it has peanut butter and jelly on it. #ImTired - @kristas_klicks

#MyKidCantEatThis because according to my 7 y/o, it's a "big pot of nope." - @oh_grown

#MyKidCantEatThis peanut butter and honey sandwich because the honey looks like a rabbit and she doesn't want to wreck it. In her defense, it totally does. #TotallyLegit #SaveTheHoneyBunny #NewSammichPlease - @onefunjac

#MyKidCantEatThis because it's in a new wrapper. -Corey Watson

#MyKidCantEatThis because she asked for cheese and crackers, not crackers and cheese. #CanYouSpotTheDifference #GetItRight #ReasonsMommyDrinks - @twokidsandababy

#MyKidCantEatThis because he doesn't want these peaches. He wants the "other" peaches. These are literally the last peaches in the pantry. -Carey Haworth

#MyKidCantEatThis because "it's too hot." #HotLikeFire #DangerousFlamesAhead #ColdSandwichEnFuego #NiceTry - @aprilmaeshowers

Bat pasta - they cried because they couldn't understand it wasn't real bats ?? #weorderedpizza#mykidcanteatthis #ScarredForLife #SaveForTherapy #AreTheyFilledWithCheese - @socialcommon ???

#MyKidCantEatThis because there's not enough milk. Another gallon should do it. #MilkIsntFreeKid #MaybeGetAJob - @LDellThompson

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