World History Is Being Rewritten To Include More Cats With Twitter Hashtag #CatHistory

It's no secret that cats are beloved of the internet, so it's completely natural that someone would suggest rewriting and revising the history books, by adding in cats. Twitter account @Midnight threw down such a gauntlet by starting the hashtag game #CatHistory, asking people to place cats in important historical events.

It was also an excuse to come up with lots of terrible cat puns. Of course, Twitter took to it right away, delivering more cat-related revised history than you could shake a fake mouse attached to a stick at.

So we got cats on the moon, Sparta Cats, the Last Supper of Cats, Hitler cats, and many, many more. It certainly paints a slightly different and humorous account of our history as we once knew it and in some cases, we all hoped it might have been.

Perhaps somewhere in an alternate cat-shaped universe where humans are the pets this is what history looks like. And the cats are playing a #HumanHistory hashtag game, which is basically our history.


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