Adorable Orphaned Baby Bats Are Made Extra Warm And Snug With These Cute Designer Wraps

As well as being home to some of the most dangerous animals on earth, Australia is also home to some of the cutest. Baby bats are a prime example of the latter. Tragically though some of them end up as orphans and it's these babies that Sydney-based Meg Churches cares for with her specially designed bat wraps.

Churches, who trades as Megabattie Design, created a wrap called the Cuddlebatz, which is like a comfy cloth burrito that cocoons the young bats, made of cotton flannelette.

The idea is that it recreates the sensation of baby bats being wrapped up in the warmth of its mother's wings. It also has a little hole so a bat pacifier can be attached for the baby bat to suck on and soothe. This way the bats can be nurtured until they're either ready to go back into the wild or old enough to not need the extra warmth.

As well as these adorable wraps Churches also makes bat teats, along with possum and macropod pouches and teats. She's a friend to the animals! And she creates them all herself, putting any small profits she makes back into caring for wildlife.

You can check out more of Churches' designs on her Facebook page and head to her her website if you want to purchase one.


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