Puggle The Rescued Fox Cub And His Fluffy Bunny Toy Are The Best And Cuddliest Of Friends

Puggle, the ridiculously cute baby fox, was found by a family in the garden of their suburban London, UK home. He was only two weeks old and needed some TLC, so the family contacted their local animal welfare center, the RSPCA, who spoke with non-profit the National Fox Welfare Society (NFWS).

The NFWS took him in and began nurturing him back to health, feeding him with a bottle so he could regain his strength. "When Puggle first came in he would often, like many of the cubs on the bottle, would just fall asleep in your hands after having his meal. So it was just a case of eat, toilet [and] sleep, every four hours," the organisation told The Dodo.

It didn't take him long to get some vigour and energy back and by the time he did he'd already made some friends. Along with the volunteers who were feeding him, Puggle also become friends with a fluffy toy bunny.

The bunny has become both something to cuddle when the baby fox takes a nap, along with someone to spar, bite, lick, and play with.

“Puggle has a love hate relationship with it,” the National Fox Welfare Society told Bored Panda. “When he is tired, he loves to snuggle up to the rabbit, but after eating and full of play, he likes to shake the rabbit and throw it around.”

What else are best buds for? The center will care for Puggle for awhile longer until he's in fine form and ready to be released him back into the wild, where he'll join some cubs of a similar age.

Which is great news. The bad news? He probably won't be able to take his bunny buddy with him.


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