These Oscar Nominated Movies Recreated Using 'Winnie The Pooh' Are Perfect Summations

The Oscars are fast approaching and we've already had the honest movie posters for the nominations. And now we have the nominated films recreated using images from Winnie the Pooh.

Film fan and blogger Dawid Aadamek from Warsaw, Poland was inspired to make them after Twitter user @dilsexia tweeted a picture of Christopher Robin holding up Pooh Bear and captioned it "The Revenant."

So Aadamek took the idea and ran with it, creating Pooh-themed movie posters for 10 of the nominated movies.

Suddenly all those fondly remembered imagery from your childhood take on a whole new meaning and look far more dramatic than you could ever imagine. But the great thing is that they work so well with their nominated movie titles.

Pooh straining for a thought encapsulates The Big Short, Tigger boxing with Owl is, of course, Creed, Rabbit growing vegetables is The Martian (clever, very clever) and have a guess at what eight people sitting at a picnic table could be.

Adamek posted his interpretations to his website and they add a humorous, sometimes dark, twist to the innocence of the creatures' activities from Hundred Acre Wood. And the results are brilliant and funny.

Check out the results below.