Meet Mexican Weather Girl Yanet Garcia & See Just Why Ozzy Man Is Such A Big Fan Of Her

There's definitely some stormy weather ahead. While the tension between the leaders of both Mexico and the US grows over the building of that damn wall, there is plenty for the two countries to come together over.

Not least Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia.

She recently uploaded a video (watch it below) to her Instagram and her YouTube page iamYanetGarcia that had not a lot to do with the weather—and a lot more to do with why she's been called the sexiest weather girl on the planet. Poor Donald Trump obviously hasn't realized exactly what he'd be missing out on if he builds that wall.

One person who's been a fan for a while is Ozzy Man who always entertains with his Ozzy Man Reviews YouTube channel. In the video above from back in 2015 he talks about how he came to suddenly take an interest in the Mexican weather, even though he lives in Australia. And he just couldn't stop tuning in to Garcia's weather forecast, even though he can't speak Spanish. Global atmospheric conditions obviously engrosses him.

But Garcia is no ordinary weather girl (if you were wondering she does weather for Televisa Monterrey) because she spends a lot of time in very tight dresses or in her underwear, showing off on Instagram.

Talk about turning the heat up and contributing to global warming.

So now you can probably start to gather why Ozzy Man is such a fan. You can check out his "critical analysis" of one of Yanet's lingerie shoots below, after some pics from her Instagram.

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Ozzy Man Reviews: Yanet Garcia in Undies - "Me bloody critical analysis of Yanet's recent lingerie shoot."

YANET GARCIA SEXY OUTFIT: "This is the worst house tour ever, however i am sure Trump will reconsider the Mexican wall now."

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