A Parenting Quiz To Tell You Whether Your Child Rearing Skills Are Good, Just OK, Or Plain Terrible

The great thing about taking a parenting quiz is that you can find out once and for all, how good your child rearing skills are. Or, if you're not a parent yet, then how good they will be, should the day come and your life officially end (just joking). Of course you could be a terrible parent, in which case this parenting quiz below will tell you that too.

As any body who has procreated will tell you, being a mom or dad is seriously difficult. No longer can you be spontaneous and decide that you and your partner want to head out for dinner after work. Not unless the dog is a great babysitter. No, instead you will have to plan a meal out together, probably six months in advance. That way you can coordinate getting someone to look after the kids and you can make sure you get that meal booked at that restaurant that has a six week waiting list.

Then, what will probably happen is just as the waiter is pulling out the seat for you to plonk down on. Just as that first glass of champagne is about to touch your lips. The babysitter will call. One of the children has been violently sick/tied up the dog/gone AWOL/discovered your stash—and then you have a decision to make.

How Do I Know What Kind Of Parent I am?

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Good parenting or bad? Our parenting quiz will tell you!

So that's where this parenting quiz comes in, how you react determines forever more what kind of parent you are and how others will judge you down the grocery store and on social media.

Because the thing is, everyone’s got an opinion on how you should do things when it comes to raising little versions of yourself. Should you follow this school or that, should you sleep train or not? Are TV screens and tablets bad for them? How much guilt should you feel if their first word is "iPad"?

But you know what, there's only one scientific way to know the quality of your child rearing—and that's to take an arbitrary parenting quiz you found on the internet and see how high you score.

Then, and only then, will you know how good a parent you are.

Take it away.

Test Your Parenting Skills In This Parenting Quiz


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