BASTA! Pastor Jim Bakker is Here to Help You All Survive The Coming Apocalypse

It's hard to think that anyone would take pastor Jim Bakker seriously at all, the shamed, but still highly popular televangelist whose doomsday preaching is a way for him and his wife, Lori Bakker, to sell buckets of freeze-dried food to willing believers in the hope that it will save them from starvation come the apocalypse.

Which means essentially pastor Jim Bakker is actually a conman, whose Staying Alive Bucket is a cynical product that trades on people's fear of the end being nigh. And you might think that considering he's already been found guilty and served time in jail for committing fraud, people might not be willing to send him their money any more.

But you would be wrong because Jim Bakker is still on TV, still doing 'God's woork, still getting money, a self proclaimed prophet for the coming apocalypse. Who's happy to talk crap about the end of the world looming, telling his studio audience to "Be prepared." Or else they might, well, have some savings maybe.

Pastor Jim Bakker & His Tasty Apocalypse Buckets

BASTA Pastor Jim Bakker Apocalypse.
Pastor Jim Bakker "BASTA!" / Image source: Gify.

Along with conning vulnerable, or gullible, people of America who watch his TV show out of their money he's also the subject of a running joke in YouTube channel Super Deluxe's Vic Berger video mashups, which spoof Bakker's ridiculous TV show—which itself comes across like some kind of hilarious Adult Swim parody.

In this latest effort, called 'Pastor Jim Bakker Helps You Stay Alive During the Apocalypse' we get Bakker's wife, Lori Bakker, asking people to help give president Trump 'pray protection' because immature people are trying to tear him down. We also get the worst Bee Gees cover ever, lots of comments about 'being in the final days,' plenty of awkwardly edited silences and pauses, and perhaps best of all we also get: BASTA!

It's all kinds of insane, but very funny too. However, it's also painful to know that Jim Bakker is getting rich off this, and that people travel from all across the US to Morningside, the Missouri town where Bakker records his daily show. To not only watch their idol but also stock up on supplies for the Final Days.

You really couldn't make this stuff up. Check out more from Super Deluxe at their YouTube channel here.

BASTA Pastor Jim Bakker Apocalypse 02.
Pastor Jim Bakker and his apocalypse buckets / Image: Super Deluxe / YouTube.

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