'People Are Awesome: Girls Edition' Celebrates Female Gymnasts, Weightlifters, Cliffdivers & More

Get ready for one of those videos (you know the kind) that make you feel totally unworthy. That's right, prepare to feel that nagging sense that you really should be doing more with your life, as the latest video from "People Are Awesome" is out. It's a total 'feel good-feel bad' experience.

And it focuses on the female of the species, so you can watch in awe as they cliff dive, skimboard, pull off some basketball trickery, impressive with their gymnast skills, and generally do incredible things.

Things that put the active in activity sports, things that, if you're like me and sit at a desk all day, are the closest you're ever going to get, at this time of year anyway (or maybe even in your whole life), to leaping off a cliff backwards, figure skating, or rolling around rhythmically in a giant hamster wheel.

But that's OK because we can all live vicariously through these women in this video, such is the ability and power of the internet. And lets face it, that's why we love watching stuff like this.

And if you do fancy doing something active, go make yourself a coffee or something.

But don't overdo it.


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