'Mission Impossible' - People On Acid Hilariously Attempt To Build IKEA Furniture

People on acid usually frequent a festival, a concert, at a party, maybe round their buddy's house with close friends—these are the usual places you would probably be inclined to take LSD, trip balls, and have a good time.

And there are many various activities you can do while taking it. Mostly it will involve giggling, staring out the window at the beauty of the world, finding God in a flower, and talking deeply about the meaning behind Lucky Charms' multi-colored marshmallow shapes. These are the kind of things that people on acid are involved in.

What it doesn't usually involve however is building flatpack furniture, which is why this video is such a fun idea. It's part of a YouTube series called HIKEA by two guys Hunter Fine and Alex Taylor, who are agency copywriters.

As the name makes clear the idea behind it is simple: give people various different drugs and get them to attempt to build some IKEA furniture. A while back they debuted their first episode which saw a couple, Giancarlo and Nicole, neck some LSD tabs and then try to build an Ikea dresser. Giancarlo has taken acid a few times before but for Nicole it's her first, so the task must seem extra daunting.

So Can People On Acid Build Ikea Furniture?

People On Acid Hillariously Attempt To Build Ikea Furniture.

What follows is two people on acid laughing, joking, and struggling to get to grips with Step One of the IKEA instruction manual. Nearly four hours later and they've made what looks like three drawers when Nicole says. "I will never build furniture while on acid again." A sentiment we can all probably agree with.

She then says, "F*ck it, I wanna go outside and play." So they head to the local playground to enjoy themselves.

Episode two has also been released, it features a guy called Keith eating some shrooms and then trying to assemble a desk. Keith has some issues, quitting halfway through while declaring the IKEA manual "A book of lies." But he comes back with a vengeance.

Only at the end does he fully understand the realization of just what the world has put into his lap.

It's only a matter of time before they make a video of people shopping at Ikea while on psychedelic drugs.

Keith Tries To Assemble An Ikea Desk On Shrooms

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