How To Annoy A Star Wars Fan? Say You've Never Seen Any Of The Films And Watch Them Rage

The release date for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is edging ever closer, and so Star Wars is EVERYWHERE at the moment, as are Star Wars fanboys and girls eager to see, and not be disappointed by, the new movie.

But, if you're not really feeling the buildup and buzz and instead are feeling in the mood to troll, the best thing you can say to any Star Wars fan is that you've never seen any of the movies. They'll take it as a personal slight against themselves, their families, and their entire way of life.

The guys from comedy group DudeDay perfectly illustrate that in this amusing sketch. It features three dads at a BBQ and one of them asks when the others plan on seeing the new Star Wars. Then, one of them mutters the line, "We're not going to see it." Uh-oh.

What follows is two Star Wars geeks getting increasingly indignant and outraged as the other guy continues to say the wrong things. He deserves their rage though, because how dare someone be so insolent as to have never seen "The" Star Wars!


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