Kaija Straumanis Captures The Comedy And Pathos Of Getting Hit In The Face By A Flying Object

The exact moment of impact of when an object hits a human head is the subject of this photographic series by New York-based photographer Kaija Straumanis. Titled Headshots (aka Stuff Being Thrown at My Head which is what the internet named it) it shows Straumanis taking various items to the face.

Be it a ball, a glass, a book, a pumpkin, or a boot, the photos reveal her glasses about to fly off her face as the object either shatters on impact, or bends from the collision.

Now, you may think this is a brave, foolhardy, and dangerous thing to undertake for a photo series.

But don't worry, Straumanis didn't actually take these objects to the head, suffering too the concussions that would have resulted. Instead they were carefully planned and executed. Straumanis captured a series of images which she then stitched together later in Photoshop to make it appear like they hit her.

However that doesn't detract from the fact that they are still totally hilarious to view, safe in the knowledge that it's happening to someone else and not you.

Check them out below.

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