Photo Of North Korean Leader Looks Like Pink Floyd Album Cover, Sparks Hilarious Kim Jong-Un Memes

A photo of the North Korean leader has caused Twitter to erupt with Kim Jong-un memes. An image emerged recently on tweet posted by writer and comic J. Elvis Weinstein. The photo features the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un with his back to the camera, sat incongruously at a desk in the middle of a runway, binoculars and a lamp sat atop the desk, while he stares out at a rocket taking off in the distance. Hoping for a successful launch.

Weinstein posted the image with the caption 'This photo looks like a lost Pink Floyd album cover.' And it's the perfect summation of it, and Twitter being Twitter meant that it was the perfect invitation for people to unleash and tweet some hilarious Kim Jong-Un memes with a tie-in and a nod to Pink Floyd and their iconic album covers.

It's also super timely considering the North Korean leader has been recently given the nickname 'Rocket Man' by president Donald Trump. Which he not only tweeted but used in reference to him when speaking at the UN and President Moon of South Korea about the current tension between the country and the US.

Donald trump, Rocket Man & Kim Jong-Un Memes

Pink Floyd Kim Jong-Un Memes 01.

Sure it's a ridiculous name for a sitting president to be calling a leader of a rogue state who is dangerously close to harboring long range nuclear missiles. But this is 2017, the world is beyond fiction and parody now.

After the image was posted to Twitter people were quick to reply with the inevitable Kim Jong-Un memes, focusing of course on that idea of this being a Pink Floyd album cover. Not only was additional text added, with the band's name, but also plenty of album titles were thrown around too. I'm sure the North Korean leader approves.

If Pink Floyd ever make another album they will be spoiled for choice on what to call it. Plus, along with the manifold Pink Floyd album name puns the Kim Jong-Un memes also focused on the total strangeness of the image, like the fact there was a desk just sat there, waiting for the Dear Leader to come along and sit at.

Check out the Kim Jong-Un memes along with the original image below.

Kim Jong un memes 01.
The original photo that kickstarted the Kim Jong-Un memes and Pink Floyd album cover puns.

Some Of The Pink Floyd Album Kim Jong-Un Memes

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