Darth Vader Revealed as Luke's Father Causes Some Priceless Reactions From These Little Girls

One of the biggest and most shocking revelations in modern cinema is the big revelation in Empire Strikes Back when (spoiler!) it's revealed that Darth Vader is, in fact, Luke Skywalker's father.

If you watched the film as a kid, it's one of the first times that you probably come into contact with such a shocking twist like that. As such it can have quite the impact on a young person, shaking them to their very core.

The little girl Emma in this video (above) pretty much sums up many people's reactions to the news, her mouth gaping in disbelief as she struggles to come to terms with such a thing. How can this twisted evil machine-man be the father of this burgeoning Jedi master? HOW!?

It's a super cute reaction, and although the girl looks horrified her father, who uploaded the video, reassures that she's OK. "Emma is a very intense person to watch a movie with." he says. "She was in disbelief when Vader told Luke. She might look a little scared but she was absolutely loving it and is begging to see more."

But Emma is not alone, many young girls (and no doubt boys too) have been discombobulated by the iconic disclosure from Darth at the end of Empire. It's just one of those moments and watching them, you feel kind of jealous because it's such an intense moment that you wish you could live it again. But you can't.

Still, what you can do is live vicariously by taking a look at some of the adorable disbelief and shock experienced by these girls as they watch the scene for the very first time. Check them out below.

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