Hunting For House Cats - The Whitest Kids U' Know Go On A Killing Frenzy In This Hilarious Sketch

Everyone loves cats, right? You'd never think of harming them, ever. But now it looks like the king of the domestic predators has a new enemy, bent on tracking them down and making them their prey.

In this faux mini-documentary from the much-missed Whitest Kids U' Know (Will they ever bring it back? Pleeeease? Or get round to making a film?) we follow two hunters, discussing all things hunting like hunters do.

Except these guys like to hunt "the most loved animal of all, house cats"—so we first see them starting out in the outside, creeping through the long grass, before they enter a family home to look for their feline trophies.

So forget about hunting deer or ducks or game in the great outdoors, it's much more challenging to crawl around a suburban home for your thrills.

And, who knows, one day you might luck out and find a crazy cat woman.


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