Ryan Reynolds Gets Totally Roasted By His 'Twin' Brother In This Hilarious Interview

When a high profile celebrity such as Ryan Reynolds gets interviewed you'd assume he would have the pick of the litter on who it was that would be asking him probing questions. Unfortunately Ryan hails from Canada and he naturally assumes (like any Canadian would) that everyone (even interviewers) are going to be nice people.

Even if that interviewer just happens to be your twin brother.

So--little known fact--it also turns out that Ryan Reynolds has a twin brother called Gordon. And he's the bitter forgotten sibling that was left behind while Ryan rose to stardom and success.

At least that what we get in this interview from GQ magazine who awarded Ryan GQ’s Man of the Year award.

So, to celebrate they got Ryan to interview himself while pretending to be his twin bro Gordon. It makes for a very funny skit as Gordon jibes and pokes fun at Ryan in a way that only an embittered sibling can.

"Why can't you be like other actors?" is one question Gordon poses. "Good ones." Like that one, he doesn't give Ryan a chance to answer, instead just keeps firing off insult after insult. Even Ryan's wife and mother of his kid is fair game.

"Looks like we've got two beards in the room," Ryan says at the beginning of the interview. "Three if you count your wife." Gordon retorts.

There's even a cameo from Jake Gyllenhaal, although he's relegated to holding the boom mic. All in all it goes to show what a great deadpan comic actor Ryan is turning into—and the more of him, it seems, the better.


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