Professor X Tries To Seduce Jean Grey With His Mind—You Won't Believe What Happens Next

Just when you think Pete Holmes wouldn't be making any more Ex-Men videos because his show got cancelled, along comes another one.

But this time the Professor isn't so much trying to get rid of a mutant, but seduce one. You always have to wonder about how he could be surrounded by all those women in spandex and not try to at least go out on a date with one.

Showing not much respect for his bros Wolverine and Cyclops, Xavier turns up the sleaze to try and win over Jean Grey, convincing his fellow psychic to look inside his filthy mind. "Please, call me Professor Sex or Professor Triple X, what ever you prefer." he pervs.

But Jean gets her revenge by tricking Xavier to look in her x-rated brain—and what he finds there isn't what he expected.

via Tastefully Offensive

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