Two Best Friends Show Their Affection By Sending 'F@ck You' Videos To Each Other For Over Ten Years

If you ever wondered what true friendship looks like, at least when it comes to bro friendship, then this video from college friends Big Steve and Sam (Samson Crouppen) is perhaps the zenith of examples.

The pair of best buds have expressed their true friendship for each other by spening the last tens years plus sending each other videos where they tell each other "F*ck You" from various places across the globe.

Starting on a rollercoaster their "FUCK YOUUUU!" back and forth begins, and goes forth around the globe to take in gondolas in Venice, Rome's Trevi Fountain, the Great Wall of China, even the White House.

It takes in all kinds of weather too—be it rain, snow, sunshine, and ends with the pair giving the finger and one last "FUCK YOU!" while at the birth of their first born with their wives about to go into labor.

You can't deny they've put in the effort—and it's paid off.

Because the result is a magical act of guyship, two bros sending their love across space and time in the only way they know how. By telling the other "FUCK YOU" with some needle dick jokes and wife cussing thrown in too for good measure. True friendship is rarely expressed better.

It's something for all bros to aspire to.


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