Millington-Being: Relationships Takes A Turn For The Weird When Girl Meets Parasitic Creature

Millington-Being starts out as an innocent love story between a girl and a freaky parasitic creature the size of a dog, descends into bloody horror mayhem in this very strange music video for Australian musician Millington's song "Being." It's directed by Josh Thomas & Darcy Prendergast and produced by Oh Yeah Wow.

It begins with a girl, called Nina, who's disillusioned with dating until her eyes catch those of an animatronic parasite across the room. The two hit it off and are soon sharing a bed. So far, so bizarre.

We then see a montage of the pair doing all the things people do in loved-up relationships. From picnicking to reading or just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. Then, one night, they go out, take some drugs, and then the morning after Nina wakes up pregnant, a bloody incision having been made in her stomach.

Off to hospital she goes where things take a turn for the really gruesome.

It transpires that the love-parasite has seemingly laid its eggs inside her, thousands of them, which soon hatch and the offspring swarm go on a gory rampage around the hospital. And then it ends. What. The. Heck.

"Millington-Being juxtaposes the concept of the song exploring the human condition in a relationship context, a relationship being more give than take." explains Millington. "The song itself is about birth, euphoria, love, life and hope. The video portrays lust, relationships, debauchery, fear and death. The two marry together in an ultimate portral [sic] of the twists and turns of many a tale told by the reality we exist in."


Millington-Being 01.

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