Are You Ready To Get Your Working Groove On With Queeblo 001 - 'Whopper and a Forty'

Having a complete lack of funds doesn't make for a very interesting life you'd think, but not so if you are an optimist like this guy--"When you’re broke all you need is a whopper and a forty of rye."

It's always to get a good mantra going to start the working day, especially if you don't actually have a job, or are one of the minimum wage masses and are a bit light on cash.

So what better than a blast of music from the mind of Brad Neely, direct to your internets - Think of it as your new 'broke' theme song

It's a mellow tale of a man called Queeblo - Welcome to his life - a simple life, set to a downtempo beat, about a guy who can simultaneously skateboard while eating a burger and drinking some devil juice.

And with rhymes like “I’m clearing zones like I’m Indie Jones” there’s no reason why you shouldn’t bust this out at ridiculous volumes at all hours of the day and night. In fact, it’s your duty to.

Beware, this song is catchy as f#ck and I'm gonna guarantee you'll be humming for the next several weeks.

Well, maybe minutes.


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